lead designer

Meet Ashley

I’m taking a nap or playing Candy Crush (I fear I'm addicted). I could also be making lunch for a small human, or telling my dog to stop barking at the wind.

I didn't always want to be a graphic designer. I thought for sure I would be a first grade teacher, and then a speech pathologist, followed closely by... well you get the picture.

While this journey toward brand design may seem unconventional, my life always had a bit of artistic flair.

If I'm not in my office...

epic barbie fashion shows

creating my own magazines

forever rearranging my furniture

art classes after school

where it all began...

is creating something for someone else. In my career, that looks like gorgeous branding that feels like you. But in my personal life that looks like a dinner made me for my family or a gift made (or purchased, let’s be honest) that exactly fits a friend.

My greatest joy in life...


your unique brand story

let's get started

I've been where you are! A small business owner with no branding, just wanting to look as professional and polished as possible. My brand process begins with us talking together about your goals, your ideal client, what's working, what's not and with a little help from a very magical in-depth questionnaire, we start developing a plan to create the perfect brand identity for you.

I've been there!